About Sami Matar

Sami Matar, also known as ‘SM Interiors’, is an interior architect who works to create spaces that inspire. Sami represents a young generation of architects who see design as a form of art. Sami Matar works alongside his clients to produce the story of their identity, their soul, and the building they inhabit. Each of his projects retains an individual persona, based on the stories they tell.

Sami Matar’s mantra is about the art of capturing magic and storytelling, while understanding and conveying the context, values and ethos each clients brings to the table. The mesmerizing fusion of traditional and modern details form a compelling visual collage, which Matar then transforms into an ambience filled experience.

Sami’s practice is shaped by an extraordinary level of architectural and design aesthetics, alongside his strong connection to his ethnic roots. Each design, prompted by the environment in which it grew, absorbs the surrounding physical and social elements. Thus, the spaces he creates are never dictated by trend or style, but rather built with passion, relevance and meaning.

Sami Matar Interior Design: Creating Story-Telling Spaces